Getting ready on the morning of your wedding... the essentials

Getting ready on the morning of your wedding... the essentials

What's the Big Deal About the Morning of Your Wedding?

So, you're getting married! Congratulations! But have you thought about the morning of your big day? It's a time filled with excitement, nerves, and a whole lot of preparation. Don't worry, we've got you covered with a list of must-have items for you and your bridal party to ensure a smooth start to your wedding day.

1. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

Let's face it, you're going to need a caffeine boost to kickstart your day. Make sure you have a fresh pot of your favorite brew ready to go. And don't forget to have some cute mugs on hand for those Instagram-worthy morning-of-the-wedding pictures!

2. Bridal Emergency Kit

Weddings can be unpredictable, so it's always a good idea to have a bridal emergency kit on hand. Fill it with essentials like safety pins, bobby pins, a sewing kit, stain remover, and some extra makeup for touch-ups. You never know when you might need a quick fix!

3. Snacks Galore

With all the excitement and nerves, it's easy to forget to eat. But trust us, you'll need your energy! Stock up on some delicious and easy-to-eat snacks like fruit, granola bars, and mini sandwiches. Keep everyone fueled and ready to celebrate!

4. Music to Set the Mood

No morning is complete without a killer playlist. Create a wedding day playlist filled with your favorite tunes to keep the energy high and the mood light. Dance around and sing your heart out while getting ready with your besties!

5. Robes for the Girls

Now, let's talk about those silk robes. Not only are they super comfortable, but they also make for adorable pre-wedding photos. Get matching robes for you and your bridal party, and feel like a squad of glamorous movie stars getting ready for the red carpet!

6. Champagne, Darling!

It's time to pop some bottles and celebrate! Have a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine on hand to toast to the start of your wedding day. Cheers to love, laughter, and happily ever after!

7. Camera, Lights, Action!

Don't forget to capture all the special moments of your morning. Assign someone the role of official photographer or set up a DIY photo booth with props and a polaroid camera. You'll want to cherish these memories for years to come!

8. Relaxation Station

Amidst all the chaos, it's important to take a moment for yourself. Set up a cozy corner with some scented candles, a plush robe, and a calming playlist. Take a few deep breaths and soak in the excitement and joy of the day ahead.

9. Positive Vibes Only

Last but not least, surround yourself with positive energy. Have your favorite inspirational quotes or affirmations printed out and displayed around the room. Let the good vibes flow and embrace the love and happiness that surrounds you.

Remember, the morning of your wedding sets the tone for the entire day. So, make it a memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your bridal party. With these essential items and a touch of quirkiness, you'll be ready to say "I do" with style and grace!

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